Sunday, 1 January 2017

3 - 2 B.Tech (CSE) - Introduction to Analytics (Associate Analytics - I)

3-2 B.Tech(CSE) - Sem II ( R13 / 2017-18)

3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_AASyllabus_ADDON_SpecialElectives (3Modules) : Click Here

Importatnt Links: 
3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_AA_StudentsHandBook_Jan2016     : Click Here 
3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_AA_FacilitatorGuide_Jan2016         : Click Here 
3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_IA*_CourseFile : Click Here

Notes Material :
3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_IA_Unit-1 : Click Here
3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_IA_Unit-2 : Click Here
3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_IA_Unit-3 : Click Here Updated
3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_IA_Unit-4 : Click HereUpdated
3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_IA_Unit-5 : Click HereUpdated

Imp Qns: For Mids/Weekly Tests: Click Here Updated(for 07.04.2018)

*AA : Associate Analytics (Job Profile Name)
*IA  : Introduction to Analytics (Module-1 i.e., for the current semester's Course Name) 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


16-18_M.Tech_CSE_Sem1_Syllabus: ClickHere
16-18_M.Tech_CSE_Sem1_R_Programming_(OpenElective): ClickHere
"Art of R programming" by Norman Matloff ,safari books online Publisher: No Starch Press: ClickHere
16-18_M.Tech_CSE_Sem1_R_Programming_ImpQns: ClickHere 

Friday, 15 July 2016

4-1 B.Tech(CSE) - Info Sec Assessments & Audits (ISAA) / Security Analyst - II

FOR 4-1 B.Tech(CSE) - Sections B & C:

4-1 BTech(CSE)_R13_ISAA_SecurityAnalyst-2 Syllabus : Click Here 
4-1 BTech(CSE)_R13_ISAA_SecurityAnalyst-2 / Module2  Student's Hand Book : Click Here
4-1 BTech(CSE)_R13_ISAA_SecurityAnalyst-2_ADDON_SpecialElectives : Click Here 

Unit wise Study Material:
4-1BTech(CSE)_R13_ISAA_U1 :: IS Performance Metrics and Audit                         : Click Here
4-1BTech(CSE)_R13_ISAA_U2 :: ISAuditTasks,Reports,Post Auditing Actions          : Click Here
4-1BTech(CSE)_R13_ISAA_U3 :: IS Vulnerability Management                                : Click Here 
4-1BTech(CSE)_R13_ISAA_U4 :: IS Vulnerability Assessments & Risk Management  : Click Here
4-1BTech(CSE)_R13_ISAA_U5 :: IS Configuration Reviews                                      : Click Here 

4-1 BTech(CSE)_R13_ISAA_SecurityAnalyst-2 CourseFile(For 2M, 3M, 10M Qns) : Click Here Updated

4-1_CSE_R13_ISAA_ImpQns :: Click Here (For Mids & External)
4-1_CSE_R13_ISAA_Mid2 Marks: Click Here New

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

3-2 B.Tech(CSE) - Information Security Management (Security Analyst - I)

ONLY FOR 3-2 B.Tech(CSE) - B & C:

3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_ISM_SecurityAnalyst-1_R13_CSE_ADDON_SpecialElectives : Click Here 
3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_ISM_SecurityAnalyst-1 Syllabus : Click Here 
3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_ISM_Syllabus Mapping With Students HandBook : Click Here 

Importatnt Links: (Updated on 07.02.2016_2PM)  
3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_ISM_StudentsHandBook_Jan2016     : Click Here 
3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_ISM_FacilitatorGuide_Jan2016         : Click Here 
(Updated Edition / Jan2016)

3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_ISM_CourseFile                                 : Click Here 
3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_ISM_U1_InfoSecurityManagement     : Click Here 
3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_ISM_U2_FundasOfInfoSecurity          : Click Here 
3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_ISM_U3_DataLeakage                       : Click Here 
3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_ISM_U4_ISPoliciesProceduresAudits  : Click Here 
3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_ISM_U5_Roles&Responsibilities          : Click Here 
3-2_CSE_R13_ISM_MID2_ImpQns : Click Here  
(Link will be deleted soon..)

3-2BTech(CSE)_R13_ISM_SecurityAnalyst_NOS9001, NOS9002: Click Here 
(National Occupational Standards - Manage your work to meet requirements, Work Efficiently with Colleagues)

Saturday, 21 November 2015


Subject Name:  Data Structures & Algorithms  

MTech_CSE_R15_DSA_LabManual: Click Here  
M.Tech(CSE)_DS_U1_AsymtoticLinkedLists: Click Here
M.Tech(CSE)_DS_U2_StackQueLinkdLists: Click Here
M.Tech(CSE)_DS_U3_TreesGraphs: Click Here
M.Tech(CSE)_DS_U4_SearchingSorting: Click Here
M.Tech(CSE)_DS_U5_SearchTrees: Click Here

Download Important Qns for 2Sem-Mid1: Click Here

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Basics Reference & Practice Material for Placements (Infosys & Others)

As per the request of students, Blogger is providing the link to download for the requested material :   To Download Click any of the below Links

Link 1:  ClickHere  (Mediafire)

Link 2: ClickHere (Google Drive)

The material which is provided here is just a Basic Reference Material. Doest not ensures the Questionnaire  for Infosys Technical Round.....
All the Best .....