Saturday, 21 November 2015


Subject Name:  Data Structures & Algorithms  New

M.Tech(CSE)_DS_U1_AsymtoticLinkedLists: Click Here
M.Tech(CSE)_DS_U2_StackQueLinkdLists: Click Here
M.Tech(CSE)_DS_U3_TreesGraphs: Click Here
M.Tech(CSE)_DS_U4_SearchingSorting: Click Here
M.Tech(CSE)_DS_U5_SearchTrees: Click Here

Download Important Qns: Click Here

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Basics Reference & Practice Material for Placements (Infosys & Others)

As per the request of students, Blogger is providing the link to download for the requested material :   To Download Click any of the below Links

Link 1:  ClickHere  (Mediafire)

Link 2: ClickHere (Google Drive)

The material which is provided here is just a Basic Reference Material. Doest not ensures the Questionnaire  for Infosys Technical Round.....
All the Best .....

Saturday, 25 July 2015

12-16 BTech:: IVCSE - ABC Sem Mini Project - Info

12-16 B.Tech CSE Guides Allocation   ClickHere
12-16 B.Tech CSE Mini Proj Calander  ClickHere
12-16 B.Tech CSE ABSTRACT Format ClickHere
Sample Mini Proj Review Presentation PPT : ClickHere
Sample Template of Design Phase Review: ClickHere New
Imp: Students are recommended to prepare the Formats/Designs/Contents of ppt as per the instructions from their Guide only.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

3 B.Tech (CSE) - Sem 1 (R13) :: Compiler Design

For CD Lab External (Both 3CSE-A&B)

3-1 CSE(R13_ 15-16) CD  LAB Programs List and Dates : ClickHere

Predictive Parser (Recursive Descent) Programs: Click Here

For Important & Model Descriptive & Objective Qns Download Course File :  Click Here

3-1 CSE(R13_ 15-16) CD  UNITS 3,4,5 + Qn Papers + Remedial  Schedule for 2Days : Click Here

3-1 B.Tech(CSE) R13 CD Theory Syllabus & Lecture Plan: Click Here

3-1 B.Tech(CSE) R13 CD LAB Syllabus : Click Here 

Download LEX Programs: Click Here

LEX - YACC Tools  & GCC Compiler(mingw 64) & LEX Programs for Windows: Click Here

Sunday, 29 June 2014

2 B.Tech(CSE) - Sem1 :: Data Structures

Download 2-1 DS Lab Programs (All 5 Units) List: Click Here
Download 2-1 DS Unit5 Study Material(My Scanned Notes): Click Here
Download 2-1 DS Unit4 Study Material: Click Here  
Download 2-1 DS Unit3 Study Material: Click Here 
Download 2-1 DS Unit2 Study Material: Click Here 
Download 2-1 DS Unit1 Study Material: Click Here 

2-1 B.Tech(CSE) A,B,C Remedial Action Plan: Click Here
Download 2-1 DS Course file: Click Here

Check out the Syllabus for your 2-1 Semester (for all subjects)
Download 2B.Tech-Sem1 Syllabus : Click Here
Download Code Blocks IDE :  Click Here

Thursday, 10 April 2014

2 B.Tech(CSE) - Sem 2 :: OOPS through Java

With the Interest and Request from R13 2-2 Students
Click the link to Download 2-2 B.Tech(CSE) OOPS_JAVA All 8 Units: CLICK HERE New (Updated on 14.2.2015)
Note:  Material Prepared based on R09 SYLLABUS

Download: 2-2BTech(CSE)_R09_OOPS_Unit 1 :  Click Here
Download: 2-2BTech(CSE)_R09_OOPS_Unit 2 :  Click Here
Download: 2-2BTech(CSE)_R09_OOPS_Unit 3 :  Click Here
Download: 2-2BTech(CSE)_R09_OOPS_Unit 4 : Click Here 
Download: 2-2BTech(CSE)_R09_OOPS_Unit 5 : Click Here
Download: 2-2BTech(CSE)_R09_OOPS_Unit 6 : Click Here
Download: 2-2BTech(CSE)_R09_OOPS_Unit 7&8(partial) : Click Here
(Above Links will be in Active in the Next Sem)

Saturday, 25 January 2014


Download 1BTech_R13_CP: Short Answer Qns & Essay Qns_AllUnits: Click Here 
Download 1BTech_R13_CP_UNIT-5_Searching, Sorting & Data Structures :  Click Here
Download 1BTech_R13_CP_UNIT-4_Structures&Files:  Click Here 
Download 1BTech_R13_CP_UNIT-3_PntrsNStrngs_withProgs:  Click Here
Download 1BTech_R13_CP_UNIT-2:  Click Here
Download 1BTech_R13_CP_UNIT-1:  Click Here