Saturday, 25 July 2015

12-16 BTech:: IVCSE - ABC Sem Mini Project - Info

12-16 B.Tech CSE Guides Allocation   ClickHere
12-16 B.Tech CSE Mini Proj Calander  ClickHere
12-16 B.Tech CSE ABSTRACT Format ClickHere
Sample Mini Proj Review Presentation PPT : ClickHere
Sample Template of Design Phase Review: ClickHere New
Imp: Students are recommended to prepare the Formats/Designs/Contents of ppt as per the instructions from their Guide only.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

3 B.Tech (CSE) - Sem 1 (R13) :: Compiler Design

Revision Schedule ON 07.10.2015 for 3-1 CSE-B : COMPILER DESIGN  New



3-1 CSE(R13_ 15-16) CD  UNITS 3,4,5 -  Qn Papers - 2 Days Schedule: Click Here  New

Bring the Materials of CD till you have received from me as of now for Day1's class and old Qn papers given to you in the above. 

The remaining should be ready by Day2 session. 


To Download Click the Links:

3-1 B.Tech(CSE) R13 CD Theory Syllabus & Lecture Plan: Click Here
3-1 B.Tech(CSE) R13 CD LAB Syllabus : Click Here 
Download LEX Programs: Click Here
LEX - YACC Tools  & GCC Compiler(mingw 64) & LEX Programs for Windows: Click Here
CD LAB Record Programs List of Qns(upto 01.08.2015) : ClickHere 
Predictive Parser (Recursive Descent) Programs: Click Here

For Important & Model Descriptive & Objective Qns 
Download Course File :  Click Here

Sunday, 29 June 2014

2 B.Tech(CSE) - Sem1 :: Data Structures

Download 2-1 DS Lab Programs (All 5 Units) List: Click Here
Download 2-1 DS Unit5 Study Material(My Scanned Notes): Click Here
Download 2-1 DS Unit4 Study Material: Click Here  
Download 2-1 DS Unit3 Study Material: Click Here 
Download 2-1 DS Unit2 Study Material: Click Here 
Download 2-1 DS Unit1 Study Material: Click Here 

2-1 B.Tech(CSE) A,B,C Remedial Action Plan: Click Here
Download 2-1 DS Course file: Click Here

Check out the Syllabus for your 2-1 Semester (for all subjects)
Download 2B.Tech-Sem1 Syllabus : Click Here
Download Code Blocks IDE :  Click Here

Thursday, 10 April 2014

2 B.Tech(CSE) - Sem 2 :: OOPS through Java

With the Interest and Request from R13 2-2 Students
Click the link to Download 2-2 B.Tech(CSE) OOPS_JAVA All 8 Units: CLICK HERE New (Updated on 14.2.2015)
Note:  Material Prepared based on R09 SYLLABUS

Download: 2-2BTech(CSE)_R09_OOPS_Unit 1 :  Click Here
Download: 2-2BTech(CSE)_R09_OOPS_Unit 2 :  Click Here
Download: 2-2BTech(CSE)_R09_OOPS_Unit 3 :  Click Here
Download: 2-2BTech(CSE)_R09_OOPS_Unit 4 : Click Here 
Download: 2-2BTech(CSE)_R09_OOPS_Unit 5 : Click Here
Download: 2-2BTech(CSE)_R09_OOPS_Unit 6 : Click Here
Download: 2-2BTech(CSE)_R09_OOPS_Unit 7&8(partial) : Click Here
(Above Links will be in Active in the Next Sem)

Saturday, 25 January 2014


Download 1BTech_R13_CP: Short Answer Qns & Essay Qns_AllUnits: Click Here 
Download 1BTech_R13_CP_UNIT-5_Searching, Sorting & Data Structures :  Click Here
Download 1BTech_R13_CP_UNIT-4_Structures&Files:  Click Here 
Download 1BTech_R13_CP_UNIT-3_PntrsNStrngs_withProgs:  Click Here
Download 1BTech_R13_CP_UNIT-2:  Click Here
Download 1BTech_R13_CP_UNIT-1:  Click Here

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Download Unzipping Software Here & Find the old Syllabus Material

Note: The above Downloads are all Zip Files.
          To get the WinRAR Software to unzip files: Click Here

OLD Syllabus: (R09)  Download  All 8 Units :     Click Here